Prayer meeting every Tuesday at 10AM.  Bible Study every Wednesday at 2pm.  Prayer Walk every Thursday at 9am

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An adult bible study is conducted every Wednesday from 2 to 3pm in the Fellowship Room of  First Baptist Church.  Come join the group in the study of Acts.
Following the bible study, you are invited to participate in group prayer.


Jim Hayes, one of our regular attenders, has written a book of poetry which can be purchased online at
 Jim also publishes a daily poem he calls The Breadline which he will send to you on request. One of his poems is shown to the right. Click on LINKS to learn more.

We are a family of believers who meet weekly to worship our God, our Lord Jesus Christ.  We are working on becoming a discipling church in obedience to GOD, according to His Word.  

Come join us for Sunday worship...
Summer Worship begins at 10:30am

“Nourishing Salvation”

Often when we hear the word “Salvation” we tend to think of that conversion experience that takes place when we place our faith in the gospel and we are born again. This is true… yet only a part of the picture. I have used the illustration of paying your entrance fee to Disneyland and once inside you take a seat at the nearest bench and spend the day there. You are in but there is so much more to experience. Peter takes us to the “the very much more” aspect of the salvation that we have entered into. It involves things to “put off” like unwanted clothing and essential feeding that we may “grow in respect to salvation.” Pay close attention as you ponder the notes listed at the end of this prayer guide and ask the Lord, “Where do I need to venture into this salvation You have provided to “explore more of this amazing theme park called Salvation!”





Listen to:
Nourishing Salvation

July 20th
, 2014
Pastor Jack Grimm

Daily Bread

Your attributes are plain to see

Your love Your strength Your majesty

Your mercy and Your patience too

As I fall daily short of You

For filthy are the rags I bear

Regardless still You always care

Your truths from ancient days were told

And constantly they yet unfold

You’ve done so much and still You give

In You we find the strength to live

And though Your love envelops me

With blessings flowing endlessly

Description truly is defied

This pen my Lord has tried and tried

Yet still You shine Your brilliant light

And so I lift this pen and write

I thank You Lord for all You’ve said

Yes thank You for our Daily Bread



                        The Brother

Daily Bible Verse

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