Prayer meeting every Tuesday at 10AM.  Bible Study every Wednesday at 2pm.  Prayer Walk every Thursday at 9am

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An adult bible study is conducted every Wednesday from 2 to 3pm in the Fellowship Room of  First Baptist Church.  Come join the group in the study of Acts.
Following the bible study, you are invited to participate in group prayer.


Jim Hayes, one of our regular attenders, has written a book of poetry which can be purchased online at
 Jim also publishes a daily poem he calls The Breadline which he will send to you on request. One of his poems is shown to the right. Click on LINKS to learn more.

We are a family of believers who meet weekly to worship our God, our Lord Jesus Christ.  We are working on becoming a discipling church in obedience to GOD, according to His Word.  

Come join us for Sunday worship...


The Palm Sunday story is a very dear one to so many. Families have memories of being in church and having their little ones coming down the church isle waving palm branches and shouting “Hosanna” (“Save now”). It truly was a magnificent day in history. If we look closer at the story we find it is filled with a full range of emotion and people who responded to Christ is just about every imaginable way. Below, you will find a full account of this day and then look at five types of responses to the event. It is important to ask yourself “which response best fits my heart?” It might be more revealing than you realize.


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April 13th
, 2014
Pastor Jack Grimm


Destiny calls and so I must write

To glorify God while reflecting His light

The thoughts that I have the things that I see

Discerning His hand O what majesty

Miraculous blessings surrounding us all

No problem too big no matter too small

Sovereign provision and sustenance too

And sweet daily bread for me and for you

Wisdom to guide us found in His Word

His Spirit unlocking the things that we’ve heard

While deep in our hearts on tablets of flesh

He’s written His love to each of us fresh

Not carved on some stone but down in our guts

For sharp is His Word and deeply it cuts

There’s no need to ponder or take a long time

You know what is right and what is a crime

Believing is good for that’s how we grow

But what a relief to finally know

To know that my Saviour my Master my King

Has everything covered yes every last thing


                        The Brother

Daily Bible Verse

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