Prayer meeting every Tuesday at 10AM.  Bible Study every Wednesday at 10am.  Prayer Walk every Thursday at 9am

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An adult bible study is conducted every Wednesday from 2 to 3pm in the Fellowship Room of  First Baptist Church.  Come join the group in the study of Acts.
Following the bible study, you are invited to participate in group prayer.


Jim Hayes, one of our regular attenders, has written a book of poetry which can be purchased online at
 Jim also publishes a daily poem he calls The Breadline which he will send to you on request. One of his poems is shown to the right. Click on LINKS to learn more.

We are a family of believers who meet weekly to worship our God, our Lord Jesus Christ.  We are working on becoming a discipling church in obedience to GOD, according to His Word.  

Come join us for Sunday worship...
Worship begins at 10:30am

“Experiencing the Holy Spirit Through Serving”


If I was to ask you if you thought the Holy Spirit was whimsical, live in the moment, take each day as it comes kind of Spirit or if you thought the Holy Spirit is very purposeful in all that He does? Jesus was taught and directed by the Holy Spirit in all He did. His life was clearly directed and very purposeful and this was so He could do God’s will and fulfill all the Scriptures written about Him . We need to remember that the Holy Spirit desires to be very purposeful in our own lives to direct us to God’s will as well. When the Scriptures speak of being filled and walking in the Spirit it is telling us He wants to affect every area of our lives and direct our steps. One way He wants this to be evident is in the say we serve one another. Note carefully how He wants to manifest Himself in and through us through the spiritual gift (s) He has put inside of us that are really an extension of Himself, but also in the way Jesus served people in the power of the Holy Spirit. Take a close look at the following Scriptures and think carefully about the questions at the end.



Listen to:
“Experiencing the Holy Spirit Through Serving”

November 16
, 2014
Pastor Jack Grimm



In the presence of the Lord

My joy is truly full

To spend each moment with Him

Despite the constant pull

The world with all its issues

The sin the lies the noise

Has no effect upon me

When my spirit He employs

But I must focus on Him

Not only when in prayer

But share each moment with Him

For He’s with me everywhere

A constant conversation

With my sovereign King

For He is always with me

Sharing everything

And like we seek attention

When talking with a friend

Let me not forget Him

Lest I should offend

His presence is a comfort

A light that leads me on

And gives me full assurance

That I can carry on


                    The Brother



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